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What is the role of ECG?

The role of the ECG is to record the electrical activity or rhythm of the heart. It also checks any abnormal beat, damage or enlargement of the heart muscles.

img Purpose of the test

The purpose of the test is to

  • Confirms if heart attack has happened
  • Predicts the risk factor for the heart attack
  • Changes in heart Rhythm
What exactly happens in an ECG procedure?

An electrocardiogram (ECG) is painless, quick and harmless procedure. After you change into a gown, a trained technician attaches 12 to 15 soft electrodes with a gel to the chest, arms, and legs.

The technician may have to shave small areas, in order to ensure the electrodes stick to the skin. Each electrode is about the size of a quarter. These electrodes are carefully attached to electrical wires, which are then attached to the ECG machine.

During the ECG test, you will need to lie still on a table while machine records your heart’s electrical activity and places the information on a graph. You are required to lie as still as possible and breathe normally. You should not talk during the test. After the procedure, the electrodes are removed. The entire ECG procedure takes about 10 minutes.

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